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I met Sophie at Hope Rehab Thailand where she stepped in as my counsel for my last term of therapy. This was the most intense part of my visit as it prepared me for going back home and facing all my demons. I am so thankful that my higher power sent her my way in the most crucial time of my recovery. Her non judging, calm and utterly caring charisma I felt the second I walked into her office. We spent time crying and laughing but most of all healing. I am so thankful for her guidance and support in my life and she is definitely a big part of where I am today. If  you happen to be so lucky to meet her, I can guarantee that you will experience the same. All the best on your journey!

Arno Vanderpoel, Canada

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I'm a person who has struggled with different counsellors throughout my life.  Sophie's approach was amazing with a healthy balance of being understanding and challenging at the same time.  I felt like she catered her strategies towards me instead of reading from a book or spreadsheet.  All her passion to care is second to none.  I will be recommending Sophie to anyone that is in need.

Ruhi Almaghrabi, UK

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I was someone who really was not keen on the idea of counselling at all; did not feel comfortable talking to anyone about how I felt, never mind a stranger.  But last year I was in such a bad place I went to counselling.  So I met Sophie, she had a way about her that after a few sessions my wall finally came down and my emotions and feelings, everything I locked away all these years, I spoke about it and felt great.  I remember saying to Sophie I don't know how you made me open up but thank you.  I'm so happy I had the pleasure of having Sophie as my counsellor I feel like a completely different person.  I finally have confidence and a passion for life.  I'm not scared of new experiences and I know I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it.  Thank you so much Sophie for helping me know how to live in happiness I will never forget this amazing gift you helped me find.

M. H. Birmingham, UK


Sophie was my counsellor in the Hope rehab 2020.  I found my counselling sessions very helpful with Sophie.  She was able to make me understand very difficult situations by exploring different solutions when we were looking for answers.  I enjoyed our sessions together; Sophie was easy to talk to and showed lots of understanding in her kind and caring way.  I had two other counsellors before but got more out of my talks with Sophie!

Liisa Waddilove, The Netherlands

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