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Counselling rates


Addiction Counselling

At Hostombe Counselling I provide my clients with understanding, guidance and support. Counselling can help you gain fresh perspectives, new coping strategies and ultimately find freedom.  What we discuss is rarely limited to addiction and every client will have a unique treatment plan depending on their goals and preferences.


Person-centred Counselling

Person-cented counselling is an excellent way to explore your inner world, get to the bottom of what's bothering you, get things off your chest and move towards solutions.  This is a highly collaborative way of working, helping you to hear - and trust - yourself.

Free/ ~20 mins

Enquiring for a loved one

If you are reaching out on behalf of someone you care about, this session is the opportunity for you to find out what the process is like and whether it will be suitable for your loved one.  (Time may vary due to number of questions you have)

£300/ 5 sessions

5 Session discount

If you are ready to commit to change, this offer is a great way to both save, and hold yourself accountable.  Sessions can be taken ad-hoc, though clients usually feel the greatest benefit when they attend regular therapy sessions.

Free / 20mins

Introduction Session

An opportunity to meet and discuss whether counselling is for you and ask any questions you have before committing to therapy.


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